We always target for better with its educated manpower
We believe perfect service is only achieved through qualified personnel. Thus, Umur acts in line with this understanding, it pays significant importance to training and development activities which regularly executes intellectual capital and advanced manpower and professional sources.
Environment and Quality Activities
With our understanding that the industry should be in line with environment, we participate in common projects with universities and non governmental institutions, while aiming to increase the qualified service standards, we also pay special importance to environmental conscience. We have student internship programs, scholarships which we provide to sector and projects implemented with NGO’s,   we contribute to formation of state policies.
All Activities
Culture and Art Activities
With institutional social responsibility, we manage culture and art activities both in name of our institutional and social development and contribute to projects.
All Activities
Education, Development and Sector Activities
We closely monitor developments in technical and professional issues towards employees in sector and under the roof of Umur Academy, we arrange basic training programs in line with needs and expectations; within the framework of school-industry cooperation we give support to vocational schools, vocational high schools and related public institutions; we contribute to development of sector with our education supportive approach and solution focused approach.
All Activities
Our Stakeholders and Target Group
All managements operating under Umur and employees of Umur
Employees of sector, experts, manpower candidates to be trained
Entrepreneurs of sector, investors and executives,
Students of high school and universities
Teachers and lecturers of high school and universities
Vendors, designers and companies which serve technical service
Our solution partners which we cooperate and our partners
Customers, customers of customers and final users
Trainers, consultants and coaches
All private and public institutions providing service on professional and technical issues
Non governmental institutions providing service on professional and technical issues
Institutions and offices which feed sector social responsibility with donations and grants
National and international share platforms and networks
By blending our values which guide our development for 32 years with internationally
accepted institutional management principles, we execute all our activities with our
working ethics and we direct our development with the belief of creating values.

Ataşehir İbrahim Müteferrika Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School-Industry Cooperation Model
Within the scope of Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, in 2010, with cooperation of Umur Academy with MNE, Printing, Graphics and Photography and Informatics areas were opened. Internship and scholarship opportunities to printing and graphic students and career developing seminars continue.
Umur publishing has been established
Umur publishing has become sponsor to the book “Colors of Olive” with the image of olive in history of arts.
Forestation and Environmental Planning Projects
Foresting and environmental planning have been done at Ataşehir İbrahim Müteferrika Technical and Industrial Vocational High School.