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Latest technology to manufacture the best
With our technological developments, we always bring the firsts to Turkish printing sector! In our giant manufacture line composed of 230 machines, with the products of latest technology, we serve perfect, rapid and distinctive solutions.
SAP Integration Technology
Thanks to SAP infrastructure, we register needs and demands of our clients to CRM Customer Database and we offer solutions for these determined needs. Furthermore, with SAP WM (Storage Management) module bar coding system, we deliver the orders  rapidly and without any mistakes
Technologies Above the Line in Manufacture
Thanks to offset machinery  with the capacity of 10 colors, UV lack printing technology, Prinect Image Control system, special cutting and packaging machines, we present you solutions beyond printing for papers at every dimension. We continiously develop our manufacturing line with the capacity of 85.000 tonnes of paper and composed of 230 machines.
Design Solutions with Latest Technologies
With PC and Mac operating system, in line with updated graphic programs, we use latest technology at every stage of preparation prior to printing. Besides the machines with the capacity to achieve the fastest blueprint in Turkey, we use in printing world the colored designs with chromoline, offset CTP and flexo CTP machines.
We would like to thank Umur and our customer director Ms. Tuğba Süslü due to their innovative view, their solution offers, their support during our long term business partnership.
Sena Türker Brand Management and Marketing Communication H/E
We would like to inform you that we are very much satisfied with your products and service.
Simay Kılıç LR Health & Beauty Systems
We are pleased to express our satisfaction through our customer representatives related with the service we have purchased from Umur Basım Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş, such services have perfectly met the requirements and expectations of our Bank
Muhammet Aydemir İngbank
They have the mission of eliminating problems and challenges both in bilateral and institutional relations. The company tries to present the highest level of service and always asks the question “How can we be better?”
Cansın Höbek Marketing & Administrative Service Purchase & logistics
Their work quality, service quality and timing bring us advantage. Their speed and customer-oriented approach ease our work. Our company realizes a first in sector and present each agency policy papers with separate printing.
Erhan TOPRAK Ethica Insurance
Sincerity, warm welcoming, correct work and thus time.
Hakan Güçer Opakim A.Ş
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