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SAP Integration

Trough SAP Infrastructure, we register our customers at CRM Customer Data Base due to their characteristics and we offer special solutions for these determined needs.

Storing and Delivery

We provide a professional solution for your storage problem and we deliver your orders safely to all locations with a fast and trouble-free delivery approach.

Design and Implementation

Our graphic design team applies the designs developed according to your needs and demands and we present the perfect products that come out with our continuously renewed technologies at the best prices

Magazines are publications that are printed on certain periods with the purpose of promoting products or informing about the activities. Magazines allow managements to express themselves.
This is a practical promotional product used by the brands to announce and address to broad audience.
Leaf, also known as flyer, is the practical and economic promotion product which allow announcement of services or campaigns of managements.
They are the packages which preserve and promote the products and render the shelves attractive.
They are useful for carrying purposes and at the same time used for advertisement and promotion activities.
Thanks to its special glue, it is a practical notebook of which papers may easily be separated after taking notes. With special designs containing the logo of the brand, note taking tools have become institutional. All companies may use block notes in their institutional identity and promotion activities.
They are preferred for promotion of products and several campaigns. P.O.P attracts since they can move in the places they are hung up.
They are publications which introduce products and services of managements in detailed manner and inform about the campaigns and activities which are decided to come forward. To have a catalogue printing plays a significant role in institutional identity.
They are printed materials that contain general information on brands, products or campaigns of institutions and managements. Brochures are composed of folded single page and they easily reach to targeted group.
It is a printing solution which is undertaken at certain intervals for promotion of products or announcement of campaigns. Insert printing is preferred most of the time due to its appropriate price in promotion activities.
They are the documents printed with purpose of inviting individuals to ceremonies and activities. Invitations which are manufactured in different designs, mostly focus on taking attention.
This is the name of the list the contents of which include the foods or beverages that can be served to the customers at restaurants and cafes.
They are the papers used by businesses which provide food-beverage provision services for facilitating hygiene, cleanliness and service, placed on the table or inside the tray. Thanks to the imprints affixed on them, they have the property of being good advertising and promotion instruments.
They are papers generally used in retail sector to wrap the products. Institutionalization is maintained by placing logo and contact information of the company on these papers.
They are the bubbles for attracting attention placed at the shelves of supermarkets or stores. The products offered at shelves may attract more attention thanks to wobblers prints.
They are specially designed in shapes and colors for your company, create solutions for your reminding, informing and promotion purposes that are used inside or outside the office and contribute to the permanent image of your brand and the message of your brand.
The calendars placed on the desks during the year and the desktop stands which facilitate the user’s organization of the table are promotional products which reinforce corporate structure.
They are the notebooks delivered with the purpose of promotion which contain calendar in which notes are taken. With the note paper with glue, you may make your promotion activities more permanent.
Maps, mostly present at offices and classes, may also be used with the purpose of promotion with their folding options.
The cube notes are the Essentials of the Office desks and they undertake the promotion of the companies and thanks to the company information on the internal pages, they cause the customers to engage in communication easily.
It is a promotional tool which can be used with adhesive and non-adhesive papers for communicating the customer the company and product details.
They are promotional instruments designed from cardboards.
They are the sets produced by the companies for their clients’ desks which include products such as note papers, pen racks/pencil holders, calendars. With the adhesive note paper option, you may render your promotion activities more memorable.
They are the promotion products which stand on desks and facilitate taking notes.
They are note papers which attract attention with their special cuts, different designs and colours.
Promotion products with rear magnet, adhesive property of adhering to metal objects, with decorative special cut.
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