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Career opportunities due to expertise
We evaluate our personnel in Umur team according to their competencies and offer strong career opportunities in the fields of interest and expertise.
Our Sales and Marketing Team
It communicates with our customers and supports every aspect of print solutions and ensures a strong, healthy and long-lasting communication between the organization and the customer.  
Our Manufacture Teams
At 8 manufacturing lines, we aim to achieve efficiency, quality and sustainability of manufacture process; also to use raw materials, machinery, equipment and labor force in most productive manner, to operate in line with Environment and Work Health and Safety provisions, We may meet our customers expectations with our prepress,printing and postpress services.
Our Financial Affairs Team
While working in partnership with all units in order to manage the financing resources in the best way, analyzes and reports on the basis of all financial transactions. It ensures that accounting systems are developed, and kept in compliance with the laws and administrative requirements of accounting records.
Our Human Resource Team
Our employees who will be able to adopt our values and carry our Company to the future in line with their targets; in the processes of "recruitment", "performance evaluation", "career management", "training & development", "wage management", "legal processes" and "internal communication".
Our Supply Chain Team
It develops and manages production planning, material requirements planning, procurement and logistics processes and systems to achieve our company's main goals and objectives. Provide our customers with effective supply chain solutions.
Our technical support and maintenance repair teams
We are responsible for the maintenance and repair of all building automation, machinery and equipment to ensure that our employees and our company are in a pleasant, safe and healthy environment.
Our Information Technologies Team
Our company provides the necessary software and hardware support for all the processes that need the technological infrastructure. It follows the technological developments that can meet the organization's present needs and predict its future needs
Our administrative affairs team
The company carries out security, cleaning, catering, service, vehicle maintenance and communication works in line with the purpose and policies and within the framework of Integrated Management System in order to provide internal customer satisfaction and follow up and control the applications.
Our Process Development and Quality Management Team
It plans, executes and controls activities related to the establishment, adoption, implementation and development of management systems and provides immediate coordination between departments in order to carry out all these activities effectively and continuously.
The students are encouraged to gain experience while giving them the theoretical knowledge they get in school life in business life; We also aim to determine the potential human resource of Umur.

High School Period Internship Purchase
Every year in May we set up our high school internship requirements and cooperate with the appropriate school directorates to ensure that students take part in internship programs
University Period Internship Purchase
We add our students to the internship program which is held in April and May each year in cooperation with the universities, that are implemented in 3 different periods.
Internship Determination Criteria
Intern selection criteria; Corporate culture, the interests of the profession with our company and the competencies of the candidate.
Click on the application button above the position you want to apply for and you will get information about our prospective job opportunities.
Satış Destek Asistanı
Basım sektöründe en geniş ürün çeşidi ve en büyük makine parkı ile lider konumda olan şirketimizin Satış departmanlarında görevlendirilmek Satış Destek Asistanı arıyoruz.
Müşteri Temsilcisi
Basım sektöründe en geniş ürün çeşidi ve en büyük makine parkı ile lider konumda olan şirketimizin Satış departmanlarında görevlendirilmek Müşteri Temsilcisi arıyoruz.
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